IMPACT Mastermind

Achieve Goals in Community

A trusted space to make progress on your goals, grow, and learn.


Make a positive IMPACT on both your family AND your career.

Stop playing the comparison game and putting yourself at the bottom of the heap.

You deserve better than that.

Join a community of other hard working women.

Have a trusted space.

Get the help you truly need to move forward with challenging goals.

No more loneliness

Reduced distractions

Less "mom guilt"

Eliminate "SHOULDS"

Stop thinking, "Everyone else has got this together, why not me?"

Get unstuck on an important goal

The IMPACT Mastermind is for you.

The judgement-free feedback and support of our Mastermind is priceless. It helped steer my path away from stress and isolation and toward values-driven work and connection.


meet your coaches

Selena Ulasewhich, CPCLC

As a trained and experienced coach, I am specially equipped to walk beside each of you on your own specific journey toward achieving your goal, becoming a better professional, and serving your family. I am actively involved in each Mastermind group to make sure discussion is focused and equitable, that we are constantly learning and growing, and that we are getting the most value from our time together.  It’s my favorite part of the week!

Becca Mitchell, IMPACT Mastermind Certified Coach

I am a certified IMPACT Mastermind Coach helping busy, overwhelmed Moms discover + pursue their God-ordained gifts and passions. You CAN align your family + career goals: ask me how I know! I’m a pharmacist who left the corporate grind in 2018 to build a niche consulting business so I’d have the flexibility to be present for the moments I treasure as a mom. 


Virtual Meetings
Closed Chat Group
Brainstorm Sessions
Book Chats
Max 6 per group


Enneagram Training
Book Study
Coaching Tools
VIP Training Event


Private Coaching

Time with the coach to dig deep and get specific with your goals

Lay out baby steps
Overcome obstacles
Gain insight


Weekly Check-Ins

Resources for Overcoming Obstacles

Group Chat

The structure and environment Selena creates is amazing. It’s easy to be vulnerable and honest with those in the group, allowing you to be encouraged and achieve your goals! 10/10 would recommend for anyone!


When are you going to stop the comparison game and go for the goals that have been placed on your heart?

You’re the average of the five people you spend the most time with.    ~Jim Rohn

It’s time to up your game and stop playing small.

You want to

  • Accomplish your goals and dreams
  • Get around other successful women
  • Grow as a person
  • Develop meaningful relationships

Masterminds are such a healthy thing to do for yourself. It made me feel so confident in my goals. At the beginning, I had quite a few unhealthy Enneagram #2 traits. The Mastermind helped me weed out those traits and take on some healthier ones.


Your Pathway to Joining Us

1. Discovery Call

A short 20 minute phone call will get you started!

2. Pick Your Tribe

Morning and Lunch groups available

Limit of 6 per group

3. Group Magic

Experience the magic of the Mastermind

I have a morning routine that has me focused & ready to take on the day. I got back into the gym following a year hiatus after having my baby. Coaching has helped me to define exactly what my values are & I hold true to those things. I feel like I’m a stronger & clear minded person as a result of coaching and the Mastermind.


FAQs and The Details on What’s Included

Group Mastermind Meetings

6 Group Meetings
Live & Virtual via Zoom with video and audio connection
2+ turns in the Hot Seat
Three time choices:
Tuesdays With Coach Selena 8:15-9:45am CST
Wednesdays With Coach Selena 8:15-9:45am CST

Wednesdays With Coach Becca 11:30am-1pm CST

Private Coaching Sessions

3 private coaching sessions
1 on 1 time with your coach
45-60 minute session
Phone, video, or in-person options
Schedule during business hours, at your convenience

VIP Event

Large event for all Mastermind groups together

October 6th | 4-6pm CST

Meet all Mastermind members and make connections

Special VIP gift delivery

End of Mastermind Celebration

Take the time to recognize and celebrate your growth and accomplishments with women that have become much more than friends.

Book & Journal

We will read a book together to grow in knowledge of the enneagram, leadership, and/or personal development.
Journals are provided and make an excellent space to keep notes and track your goals.

What if I miss a group meeting?

The IMPACT Mastermind is a live, virtual experience. The goal is to attend all group meetings. However, we all have busy and varied schedules and things come up. If you miss one or two meetings you can still make significant gains and contributions to the group.

Payment Info

$995 covers it all!
First payment of $331.67 is due on or before September 1st
Can split into 2 or 3 payments, if necessary
All major credit cards, PayPal accepted
First payment secures your seat

Group Limits & Time Frame

Only 6 seats per group, so save your seat quickly!

The IMPACT Mastermind begins the week of September 11thth and ends by the week of December 4th, 2023.