Create Harmony in your Life

Gain control
Be intentional with your time
Be present with your people
Stand on a firm foundation

Welcome, I’m Selena!

I’ve lived in a place of unbalance, overburden, and exhaustion. Just six years ago, I was there. I had three children, one of which was a newborn, and a husband who was suffering from a severe case of burn out from his work in ministry.

I was an elementary school teacher and had to return to work when my baby was just 5 weeks old. I had too many bills, an abundance of responsibilities, and a lack of joy and fulfillment.

I know what it feels like to always be at the end of your rope and still have people WAITING for you to show up and meet their needs.

I ALSO know what it feels like to design a life that aligns with your values. I know what it’s like to live a life in HARMONY with your faith, family, and career. That is what I and my family have chosen for ourselves. And where, I’m so blessed to be able to say, we live now.

It hasn’t been easy. And, it wasn’t a straight line from where we were six years ago to where we are now. But, it’s possible.

And, I know the steps and choices it takes to get there. It’s not a prescribed journey and recipe. It’s highly personalized and individually relevant.

I’d be honored to work with YOU in finding HARMONY with your faith, family, and career.

I just finished 6 weeks of coaching with Selena! While working towards one 6 week goal, Selena was able to guide me through any barriers along the way. Not only did we reach the original goal, but I learned a lot about what keeps me motivated, and more importantly, the things I need in place in order to thrive. After every session I have been left with a deeper understanding of myself, and a plan to use that knowledge to achieve my goals.

Brady Golden, Personal Trainer

Design Your Life Workshop

Create Goals that Make an Impact

Selena is so insightful! Working with her, I was able to see how I was sabotaging my own time (that I thought was super organized) and I’m implementing her ideas immediately. I feel so much weight lifted!! “

Tracey Beavers, Small Business Owner

IMPACT Mastermind
Achieve Goals in Community

A trusted space to make progress on your goals, grow, and learn.

“Selena has helped my husband and I identify and manage the challenges of entrepreneurship in marriage…. aiding us in developing boundaries, permissions and all the tools we will need to both feel empowered and reach the outcomes we are working towards within our small business.”

Jon & Trina Mitchell, Zeteo Coffee

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I have spent the last 15 years working with people on stepping forward in courage, and I love to share this message with small business owners, entrepreneurs, and community leaders.

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